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Unadilla Valley Railroad Locomotive #200
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From 1895 until 1960, the  Unadilla Valley Railroad was a common sight up and down the Unadilla Valley. 

Although the railroad has now been dismantled and all of the track is gone, its memory lives on.


This product is an exquisitely detailed  miniature of the UV #200, the main locomotive power of the Unadilla Valley Railroad from 1947 until 1960.  Note all of the detail including the undercarriage, the horn, stack, doors, hinges and handles.  If you spent any time around New Berlin during the 50s, certainly you remember the ‘Dilly Dally’ railroad.


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The Unadilla Valley Railway Company’s #200 Locomotive


The Unadilla Valley (UV) Railway Company officially opened with much fanfare on Thursday, July 25th, 1895.  The UV connected with the New York Ontario & Western Railroad (O&W) in New Berlin and extended north for 20 miles through Chenango and Madison counties where it connected with the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL&W) in Bridgewater NY (just into Oneida County).


The UV was purchased in 1936 by the H. E. Salzberg Company, a scrap iron dealer in New York City.  In 1941 the UV more than doubled its trackage to a total of 49 miles by purchasing the entire New Berlin and Wharton Valley branches of the O&W which ran from the hamlet of East Guilford NY north through New Berlin to Edmeston NY.  This was a pretty rare acquisition for such a small short line railroad. 


The UV served feed stores, delivered farm supplies & equipment, and moved lots of milk.  The O&W was abandoned in 1957, while the UV struggled on until August, 1960, when it too failed due to closing milk plants and new truck traffic.


To replace the aging steam power, the Salzberg group purchased two new 70-ton diesel locomotives (#100 and #200) from the General Electric Company of Erie PA in October of 1947.   One unit easily handled the UVs chores, so #100 went to the Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad in late 1949, another Salzberg-owned short line.  #200 remained as the UVs main motive power until the line was abandoned.  Then #200 went to the St. Johnsbury and LeMoille County Railroad in Vermont (another Salzberg-owned short line) and was scrapped in 1965.


(Thanks to Mike Holdridge for help with all of the details).






The size of this figure is 7” wide, 3-1/2” high and 3/4” thick.  It weighs just under 8 ounces.



The regular price for this figure is $16.25.   Shipping is $3.00.  Sales tax for delivery to a NY address is $1.54(see details).



-- This figure is also available from the Unadilla Valley Railway Society & Museum.  See their web site at


-- This figure is also available at the Chenango County Historical Society Museum, 45 Rexford St in Norwich.



013 Picture 1 400

Picture of the actual #100 locomotive.


013 Actual Front 400

The front of the actual figure.

013 Actual Back 400

The back of the actual figure.

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