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Shipping, Sales Tax and Payment Details

Where to Find Landmarks by Tom DeForest

Selected products from Landmarks by Tom DeForest are now on display at the New Berlin Library on South Main Street in New Berlin and the Chenango County Historical Society on Rexford Street in Norwich.



The price for each Landmark piece is noted with the description of the product.  All figures are priced below $20.



Shipping is additional and is specified in the ‘price’ section of the description of each figure.  Figures can be shipped to any address in the US or its possessions.  Shipping is normally by USPS First Class mail and includes USPS tracking and delivery confirmation.


Sales Tax

If the order is being shipped to an address within New York state, you will be charged 8% sales tax on the order total (including shipping).  (Please don’t shoot the messenger.  I don’t make the rules, I just have to follow them).



There are a number of ways to pay for your purchase:

  • Credit Card though PayPal
    A purchase is very easy when charged to a credit card.  Simply click on the Add to Cart button by the item, then View Cart to check out.  When PayPal asks whether you want to charge to a credit card or use your PayPal balance, click on the ‘Credit Card’ option.  PayPal will handle the checkout and charge to your credit card.  Your credit card information stays with PayPal and is not passed along.  You do NOT have to be registered with PayPal to charge your purchase on a credit card.  This is quick and you’ll have your item in a few days.
  • PayPal Balance through PayPal
    If you DO already have a PayPal account, and a balance, you can choose to pay for your purchase from that.  As above for a credit card, click on the Add to Cart and then View Cart buttons by the item.  When PayPal asks if you want to charge to a credit card or use your PayPal balance, click on the ‘PayPal balance’ option.
  • Pay by Check
    If you wish to purchase an item and don’t have or don’t want to use a credit card or PayPal balance, you can order by mail.  Simply click on the Order By Mail button next to the item.  That will take you to a page where you can print out an order form and mail it in with your check.
  • Arrange to Meet Me in New Berlin (or somewhere else)
    I live in Endicott NY and get to New Berlin fairly often.  If you prearrange with me, I can bring your items with me and meet you somewhere.  You’ll save the shipping cost for each item, but you’ll still have to add sales tax for delivery in New York.  Payment can be by check or cash.

Thank You

And thank you for your interest in Landmarks by Tom DeForest.

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