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Note:  This item is out of stock and has been retired.

(It may still be available from the retailers listed in the ‘notes’ section below)



If you’re looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-buy for Endicott native, this is it.  The Endicott arch figure is a detailed 2-dimensional figure of the Endicott Arch as it looked when it was built in 1920.  Note the detail of the stonework on the arch, all of the trees and the old street lights.  These will go fast, don’t miss out.


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Text on the Back

The Endicott Arch

Endicott NY

The Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company prospered during the first couple of decades of the twentieth century under the leadership of General Manager, George F Johnson.  The company implemented generous innovative benefits for its employees including company-built and -financed homes, a profit sharing program and health care .  E-J and the Johnson family also built or assisted  in building two libraries, theaters, a golf course, swimming pools, carousels, parks and food markets, many of which were available to the community at large without charge.   It was hoped that these benefits would ‘uplift’ workers to inspire them to work hard and be loyal to the company and to discourage unionizing.  This all became known as the ‘Square Deal’.  E-J workers collected the funds to construct stone arches with ‘Home of the Square Deal’ at the entrances to Johnson City and Endicott.  In 1995, the Endicott arch was widened to accommodate 4 lanes of traffic.  It was rededicated on the 75th anniversary of the original September 6, 1920, dedication.  They were listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 23, 2001 (#01000171).   Pictured here is the Endicott Arch within a few years after it was built.




The size of this figure is 6-1/4” wide, 3-1/2” high and 3/4” thick.  It weighs 7.6  ounces.



The regular price for this figure is $16.25 plus $3.00 shipping  Sales tax for delivery to a NY address is $1.54 (see details).


Note: this figure is also available at the Endicott Visitor’s Center, 300 Lincoln Ave, Endicott NY  13760, and at the Endicott Heritage & History Center, 40 Washington Ave, Endicott NY 13760.



011 Picture 1 400

The Endicott Arch as it looked 1920-1995

011 Picture 3 400

The Endicott Arch as it looks today.

011 Actual Front 400

The front of the actual figure.

011 Actual Back 400

The back of the actual figure.


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