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FaceBook Group

FaceBook Group


A new group was added to FaceBook some months ago.  Do a FaceBook search for  ‘YOU KNOW YOU ARE FROM NEW BERLIN, NY IF...’. 

Or here is a direct link to it:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/122307854532179/ ).


Facebook Hints


While it is fun to read all the stuff in FaceBook and add your own comments, it is also important to add your comments in the right way so they will make sense to others.


FaceBook will move items around in the group as people add comments about them.  So two items that are next to each other today may be next to each other tomorrow.  The key is to distinguish between adding a new item and commenting on an existing item.  If you start a new item when you are really commenting on an existing item, they could get separated and your comment won’t make as much (or any) sense out of context.


To comment on an existing item, click on COMMENT at the end of that item, then enter your new comment in the box that appears.


To start a new item, enter your item in the box at the top where ‘Write Something” appears. 


If you enter something wrong and want to delete it, contact Tom DeForest or Jim Camp and we can do it for you.

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