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The Story of the Unadilla Valley Railroad as Told in Newspaper Articles

by Tom DeForest

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Topics Included

  • Meetings
  • Planning progress
  • Construction progress
  • Grand Opening
  • New Owner:  Dr. L. Morris
  • New Owner:  H. E. Salzberg
  • Accidents
  • Lawsuits
  • Gravel Plant
  • Fires, Natural Disasters
  • Buildings and Equipment
  • Purchase of the NB Branch
  • The slowdown in the 1950s
  • The shutdown in 1960
  • A final summary history

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  • Over 300 newspaper articles from over 50 newspapers from New York City to Buffalo and all over Central New York.
  • The articles are dated from 1886 through 1961.
  • Includes articles on planning progress, construction progress, the grand opening, changes of ownership in 1904 and 1938, accidents, lawsuits, fires and other natural disasters, new buildings and equipment, the slowdown in the 1950s, eventual shutdown and removal of the track in 1960 with a final summary history as published in 1961. 
  • The index also includes references to each of the stations along the line and many of the people involved.
  • 105 8.5x11 pages including a 9-page index.
  • Available in either a soft cover book or in a loose leaf binder with the pages in page protectors.  The binder is perfect if you expect to use the material a lot or where copies of individual pages are likely to be needed, such as in a library.

Who should buy this book?
YOU, If You’re Interested In...

  • Automobile Influence on RRs
  • Central New York History
  • Central NY Economic History
  • Chenango County History
  • Local Accidents, Loss of Life, Lawsuits
  • Madison County History
  • New Berlin NY History
  • O&W Railroad History
  • Proposed Oneonta Extension
  • Railroads in Central New York
  • Rural Transportation Changes
  • Short Lines in Central NY
  • Transportation of the Past
  • Truck Influence on Railroads
  • Unadilla Valley History
  • Unadilla Valley RR History
  • Unadilla Valley RR Lawsuits
  • Weather Effects on the UV
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About the Author...


Tom DeForest was born in Norwich and raised in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY.  He graduated from the New Berlin Central School and the University of Buffalo with a degree in Mathematics.  A veteran of the U. S. Army, he went on to work for IBM in Endicott NY for over 40  years.  After he retired, he started to research and write about various local railroad topics.  This is his first book.


Some Further Notes About the Book...


CONTENT: News articles simply about someone coming to town for a meeting, or that say simply that work is progressing with no other significant details, are usually not included. 

NEWSPAPER REFERENCE: Every article is identified by the date it was published and the newspaper where it was found.  Multiple articles from the same issue are designated by a suffix of -A, -B, etc after the date.  A code of CS indicates that the data came from a court proceeding found on the internet.

FILTERING, ERRORS: As a general rule, I have not fixed errors of fact from what was said in the original article.  Some articles appear to be downright wrong, but are included anyway. 1898-10-26 DG is an example.  It talks about the UV being leased to the O&W, but this never happened and was later refuted in another article.  If the same article appeared in multiple papers, I have usually included all of them.

SOURCES: The vast majority of these articles were obtained from newspapers found online.  The small remainder were obtained from paper copies.  I have included all issues of all newspapers I could find, but some local papers are not included. Most notably, even though the Unadilla Valley Railroad was based in New Berlin,  few articles from the New Berlin Gazette are included because it is not found online.

TYPOS: There are likely to be transcription errors.  I’ve double and triple checked names, dates and places, but I still probably missed some.  The transcription program had some trouble with similar looking letters (h/b, e/o/c, i/I/1, rm/nn, comma/period and the like).  I have tried to catch these but I’ve likely missed some.  If you find such an error, please bring it to my attention so I can correct it in a future edition.

INDEX: All of the index data was generated by hand and entered directly.  Not every single reference to every single name in every single article is included in the index.  If the name or topic seemed relevant to an event that happened with the UV Railroad, then it is probably included.  There are some general topics which point to many others, including Accident, Lawsuits and Weather. 

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