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You can order and pay online by clicking on the ADD TO CART button on any product page.  If you’d prefer, you can send a check by mail to pay for your purchase.  This is done in the simple steps below.


1. Print the Order  Form

Scroll down to ORDER FORM below and click on it.  Once you get into it, click on the printer icon to print the form.


2.  Fill Out the Order Form

For each item, fill in the quantity you’d like to order.  Follow the directions on the form to calculate the total for goods ordered, maybe the sales tax and the total for the order.


3.  Write a Check

Use the total calculated on the order form and make out a check payable to

Tom DeForest.


4.  Mail the Order Form and Check

Then mail the order form and your check to

     Tom DeForest

     PO Box 5884

     Endicott N 13763


If there is a problem or a question, you can reach me at 607-754-1536.  I don’t have a secretary, so If I don’t answer, please leave a message along with your name,  phone number and a topic.


Order form


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